Welcome to my personal little corner on the world wide wild wild web.

I’m Kristof. Nice to meet you. How are you? Have a seat.

If this was a normal conversation I would probably ask what you spend your time with, but since it isn’t, I will tell something about me.

When I’m not at work (which most of the time consists of trying to get some programs to work in programming languagues that seem like they are specifically designed not to), I fill my spare time with stuff related to music, photographyarcade stuff and pinball machines.

This website once started as a blog, but I stared to dislike the medium and the meaningless ramblings that ended up on it. In an attempt to create a little more structure, I decided to organize the usefull stuff into separate pages and throw away the ramblings.

Have a look around and if you like a specific article, feel free to leave a comment.